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Coffee News is built on three strong pillars that focus and serve the community our Coffee News editions go into.

Pillar Number One

Each edition of Coffee News must be positively light-hearted and be able to be read in between 8 to 12 minutes with the person smiling at least once while reading it.

Pillar Number Two

The distributors who carry our Coffee News editions, will have additional people coming into their place of business, and their customers will have something to read whilst they are waiting for a service, eliminating the awkward staring at the far wall or floor scenarios.

Pillar Number Three

The advertisers will have an exclusive spot to promote their business, every advertiser is treated the same regardless of size or budget.

COFFEE NEWS is the most cost effective way to support your ONLINE DIGITAL STRATEGY

In the last five years with the exponential growth of interconnectivity, smart phones and businesses being forced to be digital to survive, Coffee News is the affordable link for advertisers to consistently brand themselves within their local community or targeted area.

Nowhere else can you have consistent targeted print media from a reputable, long established, award winning publication supporting your online presence, especially if your identified target market is within an identified area.

Coffee News supports your social media, website and SEO marketing strategy like no other print media and is worth its weight in gold to a business owner or shrewd marketer, given the exclusively of each edition and the price point.

Take a few moments to explore our site and discover more how Coffee News proactively supports those within the client base of the three pillars.

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