Coffee News is an advertisers or marketers dream as it’s advertising is both physiology and integrity based.

Here are 13 very valid reasons you should consider placing your advertising spend with Coffee News

Coffee News® guarantees exclusivity by business category for all our advertisers. When you advertise in Coffee News® you lock out your competition!

Because rates for 3-month and full year packages easily beat spot advertising with other print, even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Weekly repetition and broad reach make for neighbourhood saturation that brings results.

Target market
If you want to target your local neighbourhood market (as well as the tourists who visit), there’s no better way. It’s all about precision.

Yes, it does matter. All ads are 3″ x 2″… so no gigantic ad can crowd you out. We’re an equal opportunity publication!

Ad Placement
Ads are also rotated weekly to make sure all advertisers get a fair shake at equal exposure.

High Exposure
Your ad in Coffee News® will be viewed by 1,000’s of targeted readers every week. It's equivalent to passing out 1,000’s of your business cards weekly, building top of mind awareness.

Changes to your ad to meet your marketing needs can be made easily, with just a phone call or an email.

Marketing Campaigns
Coffee News® can be the perfect addition to your advertising media mix.

Reader in the right mind-set
When potential Coffee News® customers see your ad, they are already in a positive frame of mind… reading the good news.

Social Media Exposure
We run your ads on our local website as well as sharing your ad with our Facebook

Front and Back Display
Unlike many multi-paged publications, Coffee News® is a single page with ads running on the front or back page. Your ad will always be on the Front Page or Back Page and never buried somewhere on an inside page, which greatly increases the probability of your ad being seen.

Support Digital Strategy
Website SEO needs support, Coffee News is the most cost-effective form of hard copy marketing to do that. In today world you need a presence in both the virtual and real world. Coffee News is an ideal partner to support your digital marketing based on frequency.

Our Guarantee
Your ad runs incorrectly… or your ad runs free!
Convinced that Coffee News is the right advertising medium, be proactive and contact Shane today to secure you spot, if it isn't taken by your competitor.

Still not convinced about the Coffee News concept and adding it to your marketing mix.

The Coffee News is designed by a team of psychologists specialised in advertising and using 15 different subliminal and psychological methods to make your advertising work. Everything about coffee News, the colour of the paper, the fonts, the layout, the content, the adverts themselves, and even the distribution points, are all like they are for the sole purpose of getting your advert and brands noticed.

Coffee News® was intentionally developed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising because it provides local businesses with an inexpensive, highly effective and highly visible outlet for their ads.

Convinced then contact Shane, now to secure your spot and lock out your competitors.

Still, need more information to make an informed decision then check out the advertising rate card?

ADVERTISING RATES (does not include GST) as at 1 April 2018

Advertise in Nelson, North Canterbury, or the 3 Christchurch editions
Placement is subject to availability.

Monthly campaign in 1 edition: $150*
(additional editions $100 each)
Minimum 4 months
*You will be billed monthly until cancelled in writing.
6 Month campaign in 1 edition: $750 (save $150)
(additional editions $600 each)
12 Month campaign 12 Month campaign $1300 (save $500)
(additional editions $1000 each)

Key points
Remember each edition only has 32 advertising slots and limited to one business per category. Seasonal businesses are encouraged to advise they wish a certain period and timeframe for optional promotion; we have clients who lock in their slot from season to season.

Email Shane to secure your spot in one or more of the editions of Coffee News In the South Island.