The Great Coffee News Newsreader Competition of the South Island of New Zealand

Are you a budding Newsreader the Coffee News of the Canterbury and Nelson region are searching for Coffee News Newsreader, are you one of them?

We are running a monthly contest where budding Coffee News Newsreaders can upload their news reading video to be considered for the monthly competition.

We have a developed a basket of goodies for the monthly winner, who then has the opportunity to enter our Newsreader of the Competition and be voted supreme Coffee News Newsreader for 2018-2019 by public vote.

We also have a range of mystery prizes that will we will include each month to other videos that we believe should be acknowledged for their effort in this competition.

Our rules are simple

1. Create a video between 30 seconds to 90 seconds that has a person reading the Coffee News in a newsreader format.

2. Have a product or service placement of a current advertisement in Coffee News at the time of making your video.

3. Ensure that your news reading video does not cause offence and is something that your grandma would not blush at. If we consider it may cause offence or misrepresent our advertiser’s product or service or of standard that does not reflect the Coffee News Community and professional image we will not upload it, and you will be duly advised of our decision.

4. You can only enter one video per person per month.

5. Once you have made your video you can email it to , or send us a link to where it is located

Uploading of videos

If a video is submitted in August, then it is uploaded to the YouTube channel and aired for the September competition. Videos presented in September are then uploaded in October and so on.


The winner each month is selected by the number of likes and shares on the Coffee News YouTube Channel.

Winner Notification

The winner will be emailed of their success and promoted on our two Facebook pages for each region and new Video page on our website.

Terms and Conditions of entering the Coffee News Newsreader Competition

Before you submit your video you must agree to the terms and conditions of entering the competition and the scanned version of your agreement to our terms and conditions must be returned to us at the time of submitting your video. [download agreement]